Tree Planting on May 2

Activities of the Parish of Gagetown 2016-2021


Aging for Amateurs 2018

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Easter Baskets: A Tradition at Saint John’s


DRAFT: Riches Found in Church Suppers: A How-To

The number of people who stopped at the exit to thank the volunteers overwhelmed Leith Box  who worked at the entry table. She said that people walked by giving “two thumbs up!” if they could not get close enough to the table to offer thanks and express their compliments to the cooks and volunteers. Her favorite expression was, “Wow! Was that ever good! Now it is home to sofa time!”

Planning and preparation for such an event takes place over weeks. If I was to start…

Interview Grace

Ask Lynn …

Quote from Christian Persaud

“I just wanted to thank everyone who helped out with Saturday’s dinner; from peeling vegetables, to serving, to praying. I’m sure there was some frustration, a lot of laughter, and definitely a great time for everyone. As much as the dinner is a fundraiser and there’s a financial aspect to the dinner, I’m extremely grateful for the community side. You know, there are people who come from as far away as Ottawa to attend the dinner, and it’s such a special opportunity for the community to come out and catch up with individuals they haven’t seen in a long time. So thank-you to each and every one of you who helped out in some way, it is greatly appreciated.”


New Dawn Players – St. Stephens in Queenstown – October 16 (Worship with L’Arche from Saint John)


The article that is appearing in December’s Anglican newspaper.  slide1

Photogenic all year round!


Our Haunted Grave Yard

Volunteers at the food booth at the Queens County Fair from September 15-18, 2016.

Summertime at Camp Medley, adding to the wonderful memories of childhood (young and old).

Following is an interview with Betty Lacey at the Rally to Bring Back the Ferry to Gagetown and Jemseg.

The following activity, learning to dye Easter eggs using silk ties is great for community building and just plain fun!

Anglican eggs

May 2 Clean Up – Outside and Inside